Beginning with our very first meeting I will commit to you my time, my experience, and my knowledge. I will teach you what I have learned as an agent, an active investor, and a mentor of fellow real estate investors.

What We Offer?​​


In her first 2 years as a real estate broker Maria worked with dozens of investors and traditional buyers to close 45 homes across Eastern and Western Washington, with markets ranging from Seattle to Bremerton and Mount Vernon to Cle Elum.​


Whether a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, Maria will guide you through process and will teach you about finding hidden value, market analysis, tax strategies, underwriting, cash-on-cash analysis, locking in the offer, due diligence, and more.


Maria is not simply a transactional real estate broker, but is a customer-first broker who is focused on the relationship and adamant about giving her clients the best experience to achieve their personal and financial goals through real estate.

Building a Team

I will help you build a core team of professionals who will help you achieve your goals. I have a team and network of people who are contractors, lenders, property managers, insurance brokers, cleaners, appraisers, and accountants who are both investor- and retail buyer-friendly.


​I will help you define your real estate strategy and the costs and benefits of the various approaches, including: single-family homes, small multi-family, short-term rentals, mid-term rentals, identifying hidden value, increasing revenue, decreasing costs, comparative market analyses, and rental comps.

Access to Me

You will have unlimited access to me, my knowledge, resources, and my time. I will help you achieve your real estate goals regardless of your level of experience or your financial situation. I work with seasoned investors, first-time buyers, veterans, and vacation-home seekers and I am here to help you!